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. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS-- Made of high quality rubber and plastic, durable under wet or harsh environments;
. FUNCTION: When the dryer or washing machine is completely shaken, or the furniture is moved, they will make unpleasant noises. These pads have the effective functions of Shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-vibration, anti-walk, no scratching to your floor and convenient cleaning.
. HEIGHTEN & LEVELING: Raise furniture and home appliances by a few centimeters is for effectively preventing moisture and better ventilation.
. EASY TO INSTALL: Simply put the pads under your washer machine, furniture or home appliances to install. The reason why these mats are so good is inseparable from their ease of installation.
. APPLICABLE TO: Suitable for washer, dryer, fridge or other machines or furniture need to raise the height and keep steady.

Product name: Multifunctional washing machine foot pad

washing machine foot pad Suitable for laundry or household appliances and furniture whose feet are less than 5cm in diameter

Material: Resin fiber plastic + TPU glue

Specifications:inner diameter 5cm* height 4cm* bottom diameter 10cm can increase 3cm-3.5cm

color: gray Packing: 1 set of 4

Purpose: Increase height, leveling, ventilation, moisture-proof, shock a Use scenarios: washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, furniture, home appliances, etc.

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