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. Transparent Airtight Food Storage Grocery Container for Fridge, Bedroom, Dining Table, Traveling, Trekking; for Office, Car
. ADJUSTABLE: It can change in size to perfectly accommodate its contents
. FRESH-KEEPING: Air goes out and doesn’t come back in. It keeps food fresher for longer. "Swoosh" sound guaranteed. No electricity needed.
. SPACE-EFFICIENT: It only takes up exactly as much space as it needs to hold its contents.

The airtight food storage container from Perfect Pricee adjusts to take up just as much space as it needs, maximizing your cabinet and pantry storage and maintaining the freshness of dry foods. As you press the lid down, excess air comes out—and stays out—with one satisfying swoosh, thanks to a one-way air valve. Cereal, pasta, nuts, and more will last longer and be tidily organized. Made with BPA- and phthalate-free, FDA-grade, food-safe materials. Materials: Lid: Polypropylene and silicone; Body: Styrene-acrylonitrile resin Care: Hand washes recommended. Do not microwave or store in the freezer. Top-rack dishwasher safe Instructions: Wash with warm soapy water, rinse, and dry the container before using it for the first time. Always make sure the presser and cover are secured properly and screwed on tightly before pressing. Do not over-tighten the lid or overfill the container Adjustable design saves pantry space Removes air from the container keeping food fresher for longer Great for storing dried foods Adjustable 16 to 32 oz. capacity Caution: Choking hazard, keep away from children.

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