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. These non slip stickers can be used for floor mats, carpets, sofa cushion, chair cover, bed sheets, dining table, blankets, rugs, pillows and many more. Works well with tiles, marble, polished wood, glass, nylon, cotton, linen, polyester, steel, sunmica, plastic etc This handy wedge mattress lifter is very easy to use, you just need to put it under your
. A single pair is made from velvet and pvc material which gives them strong interlocking bonding.mattress to lift your mattress, making changing sheets a breeze.
. The glue on the sticker won't leave any residue or spoil the fabric after peeling off.
. The mattress lifter alleviates neck and back pain with an ergonomic design that effortlessly lifts the mattress and leaving both hands free to make the bed. The handy tool does all the liftin.

This mattress elevator and Bed SheetsTape Stickers Combo Set. The mattress elevator is made of excellent ABS plastic, with strong toughness, abrasion, and scratch resistance, and has a long service life.After using this mattress lifting tool, the pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders can be greatly reduced when making the bed and save your long nails.These are easy to use self adhesive stickers which can be used for preventing slipping or curling of bedsheets, sofa cushions, chair cover. Use it with door floor mats, rugs, carpets for adding anti slip advantage. These grippers can also be used in car, desktop gadget fixing from moving. Helps make objects stable. You can also reuse for few times after washing. Works with tiles, marble, polished wood, glass, nylon, cotton, linen, polyester, steel, sunmica, plastic etc.IMPORTANT : Always use this in multiples (more then 1) for any application, though single sticker will do the job but due to rough use it may wear out easily. So using more stickers for one application is always good. We ship pack of 10 sets in black color.

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