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8Pcs Set Child Baby Safety Corner Furniture Protector Strip ..More




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. ✔ Kid safe corner guard protector, ideally for baby, toddler, kid, senior citizen, the physically-challenged. Thick padded L-shape foam corner is specially designed for furniture with right-angle edges.
. ✔ High quality NBR corner cushion safeguards your children with tasteless non-toxic and environment friendly protection. Physical closed-cell foam technology makes the bumper in a high dense and uniform distribution thus to provide efficient buffer when impact occurs.
. ✔ We offer complimentary double-side tapes suitable for most surfaces of different material such as wood, glass, granite, ceramic, chrome, brass, stainless steel ,etc. The corner guard can be firmly adhered and quickly removed from furniture without any unpleasant damages, marks or residues.
. ✔ Protects not only children from injury but also furniture corners from damage. Widely applied on table, desk, chair, bed, baseboard, panel, picture, wardrobe, cupboard, countertop, TV cabinet, bedroom furniture, kitchen units and more.
. ✔ The Best Gift for Mom and Baby: Undoubtedly, the health and safety of babies are the greatest expectations of mothers, so these L-shaped protective corners are the best gifts for mothers and babies.

Max Home Supply Baby Proofing Soft Corner Guards As we all know the child are curious about everything in the unknown,As parents, the most thing we don't want to see is our children getting hurt. In particular, every corner is my children's favorite toy,Suddenly hit the corner may cause painful injuries,Any sharp Angle is a weapon for children. it may cause considerable damage to your child's head,So this CORNER GUARD Or CORNER PROTECTOR is a good product to prevent this. Features: ●Made from safe and non-toxic NBR foam. ●Easy to install and remove. ●Soft, light weight thick and durable. ●Suitable for applying on tables, desks banisters or sharp corners at home.

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