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6pcs Paper Double Ended Stumps,5pcs Durable Wood Pen with Ru..More




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. Brand: Folca , Color: As Shown, Material: Paper, Paper Stumps, Wooden Pen With Rubber tip, Stainless Steel Ball Tools
. Stumps are excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoals, graphite or any other dry media. Durable wood pen head gives you a combination of control and precision.The stumps are made of good quality compressed paper. Small and exquisite, use more convenient; Economical and high price ratio. Remove fingerprints on the surface of clay sculpture product.
. Blending stumps set assorted size: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, each size 1 pieces; This charcoal blending stumps and tortillion set can be sharpened by sandpaper blocks. Use them for blending pencil, pastels, and charcoal. Keep the stumps pointed by sharpening them with a sanding block. Delicate and small, convenient to use.Very suitable for students, artists, drawing beginners to sketch or paint details, Clay Work etc.
. The durable wood pen with rubber tip gives you a combination of control and precision. Best assistant for watercolour, clay work etc.
. All the balls are made of stainless steel, with blue rubber handle (4 pieces) easy to grip, convenient to use. This set of dotting tools has 8 pieces balls totally in different sizes, can meet your various craft projects needs for different creative effect.

This Package Contains 4pcs Stainless Steel Ball Tools,6pcs Double Ended Paper Stumps, 5pcs Wooden Pen with Rubber tip .The Four blue ball modelling tool is ideal for shaping, frilling petals and leaves that have been made with gum paste, sugar paste or marzipan etc. Double-ended metal ball tools includes the huge ball end and the smallest ball tool available, provide more choices of balls, this clay sculpting tools are suitable for both home and school use. The handles have a rubber grip so that they are very comfortable in your hands. Paper Stumps are used for smoothing and blending large areas of pastel or charcoal. They are tightly rolled pieces of paper that can be sharpened and re-used over and over again, making them long lasting . They are double ended and are great for blending graphite work to achieve soft tones. This 6-piece set includes four tortillons and six stumps in mixed sizes. Double-ended, pointed and made from soft, gray paper felt, stumps are excellent for blending and smoothing pastels, charcoal, graphite or any other dry media. Ideal for color shaping, blending, drawing, fine detail, touch-up work and remove the fingerprints. The 5 pcs rubber tip brush has different size and shape, can be used for carving, modeling, cutting, scraping, chipping and more. Used For: Great for oil painting, pastel scrubbing, pottery clay color shaping, blending and clay sculpting. Ideal for home, school and outdoor use.

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